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Everything We Know (So Far) About the Terrorist Attacks in Surabaya

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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Riot at Prison Housing Former Jakarta Governor Ahok

Update: Five officers were killed in the riot, and one is still being held hostage.


Can Indonesia Keep Philippines Assault Rifles Out of Indonesian Militants' Hands?

The arrest of a key figure in the regional gun running network shed fresh light on an old problem. But is it enough?


Is Indonesia's Homegrown ISIS Recruiter Actually Dead?

Bahrun Naim was the head of ISIS' Southeast Asian militant faction Katibah Nusantara and a man directly named as the overseas orchestrator of at least four terrorist plots in Indonesia.


Indonesia Is Worried About Where the Maute Militants Will Go Next

Fighting in the southern Philippines may send ISIS-linked rebels fleeing toward Indonesia.


Indonesian Security Forces Have Crushed the Islamist Insurgency in Poso

The East Indonesia Mujahideen is down to the seven surviving members.