Vibrating Illusions Depict Web-Based Behaviors

Scroll up. Scroll down. This is how we play.

by Benoit Palop
26 June 2015, 5:55pm

All images courtesy of the artist.

Over the past few years, Ithaca-­based new media artist Laura Brothers has been exploring the internet in a creative way, merging a classic but effective process with her deep understanding of the world-wide web. Now, she offers her views in the form of one-­of-­a-­kind tales that spring to life when viewers scroll up and down a web-­browser.

Brothers' minimal and uncluttered pixel­-generated visuals showcase a conceptual and metaphysical manipulation of the internet, illustrating a mastery and an awareness of web-­based communicative behaviors on a daily basis. The images are first drawn in MSPaint, then brought into Photoshop to add layered optical effects, with an early computing aesthetic.

“My practice has naturally evolved to a point where I feel like I have set myself up with a dynamic vocabulary of imagery from which I can pull,” Brothers tells The Creators Project. “Conceptually, it’s just a matter of managing the complexity­­—when and where to punctuate.” With the internet as a gallery and the browser as a canvas, Brothers focuses on the notion of repetition and recursive computational and mechanic creative motion by setting layers onto iterate layers. This exploration and process generates intentional incomplete/in-progress visuals that highlights the human beings behind the internet.

Her blog,, shows a slice of her work. “The title of my blog was made on a complete whim and without intention just so I wouldn't have to think about what I'd like to title my blog. It's 100% frivolous. But if I must draw a connection between my work and PIZZA, I guess, I don't know, something about empty calories?" she concludes. Cowabunga!

For more vibrating awesomeness, visit Laura Brothers' website here.


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