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Acrylics Are Wine Country’s Best ‘Cheap Beer’ Punk Band

Listen to two new songs that blend the ugly with the appealing.

by Tim Scott
12 October 2017, 11:18pm

Photo: Will Mecca

Acrylics come from Santa Rosa, a small city an hour north of San Francisco and Oakland. Located in a wine region, the city in recent days has suffered devastating damage and loss from wildfires.

The band push their own fiery and loud hardcore that involves a good dose of experimental unease. It's as ugly as it's ferocious. "Structure" and "Gluttony", two new tracks released on Iron Lung records and Drunken Sailor could be their ugliest yet.

This is how Iron Lung, a label that certainly know their way around menacing rock n roll, describes the two tracks. "Structure" is a bit more on the pogo side complimented nicely with sharp echo stabs and a ruinous atmosphere. "Gluttony" brings us back to that toss-and-turn-in-a-dark-alley kind of crunchy freak junk that the teens mangle themselves to. Our favorite blend of ugly and appealing."

'Structure/Gluttony' is available Oct 20 on Iron Lung and Drunken Sailor in Europe.