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A Demon Cat from Hell Is Terrorizing an Entire New York Neighborhood

One family has become so scared that they only feel safe hiding out in their swimming pool, where the cat can't reach them.

by River Donaghey
09 July 2015, 5:55pm

Not the cat in question, but another scary cat photo via Flickr user Jennifer Morton

Not the cat in question, but another scary cat photo via Flickr user Jennifer Morton

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A Rockland County, New York, neighborhood is freaking the fuck out over a black cat that is viciously attacking people and pets in the area. Being without opposable digits, the bloodthirsty monster can't bother people inside their homes, but it reportedly sat on one family's welcome mat, daring them to step outside like some angry drunk at the bar. ABC reports that one family was so terrified of the soulless hellbeast that it fled their house to stay with relatives.

The black cat disrupted Fourth of July festivities last week when it attacked one Rockland County resident in his backyard.

"All the sudden the thing leaped at me and started hissing, whatever," Joe Saldano told ABC. "So I kicked him ... and he came running right back at me. I thought he was going to run away."

Saldano and his family, safe from the loathsome cat while surrounded by water. Screenshot via ABC Denver

Saldano finally got the cat to leave by dousing it with cold water, but it allegedly walked down the block and mauled another victim, who went to the doctor for rabies shots. Saldano has such crippling fear of the cat following his encounter that he only feels safe with his family while cowering in their above-ground pool, where the cat can't reach them.

The cat is still on the loose, so Rockland police sent out a reverse 911 call to area residents warning them to steer clear of the deranged feline until they can deal with it.

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