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Watch Best Coast Take the West Coast at Jansport's Bonfire Sessions in San Francisco

The LA band performs "Boyfriend."

by Noisey Staff
13 November 2014, 9:34pm

Best Coast is the new wave grunge band you never realized you needed to listen to more of until you watch them perform live. They are Californian badasses, plain and simple. This past October in the relatively warm, sunny, happy weather of San Francisco, a bunch of fans gathered to watch Best Coast perform at Jansport's Bonfire Sessions. Noisey is excited to share the live performance of their hit single, “Boyfriend” from that concert.

Best Coast is from LA, and for the band the neighboring city of San Francisco holds special meaning. According to band mates Bethany and Bobb, SF is the perfect city to day drink, walk around, and listen to live music. Watch above as they show off their favorite record store, Aquarius Records, discuss their experiences in the city, and explore it’s musical history. What’s great about this particular record store is that it has old video games inside, and that rules.