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Sounds Like Being Woozy Day Drunk to Us: Here's Nick Leng's "Drivers"

Pure good vibes from this LA-based 22-year-old.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
11 May 2016, 2:39pm

You know what this song is? The sonic equivalent of being day drunk in the 4:34 PM summer sun: a little woozy, a little wistful, but largely dreamily content. "Drivers"—lifted from his EP of the same name—is lo-fi electronica-pop that's so warm you'll wanna kiss it. "I'm trying to go back," quivers Leng. Aren't we all.

Hailing from Northern Cali, but raised in South Africa, the 22-year-old now lives in LA and although his years may be slight, he's been releasing vinyl-crackled tunes of the cut 'n' paste bedroom electronica variety for several years now. The Balearic vibes of Odesza on 'ludes, the horizontal chill of Toro Y Moi. Indulge in his back catalogue here and listen to the premiere of "Drivers" below.

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