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PREMIERE: Get Sweaty on the Dance Floor with Oscar & The Wolf's "The Game"

Dark dancefloors and darker desires. The latest Neon Gold signee is already playing 20,000 seater venues back home in Belgium and here's a little taster of why.

by Kwele Serrell
28 July 2016, 12:16pm

Close your eyes and imagine you’re dancing in a packed club and everyone's exuding this addictive, electric energy. Everyone's a bit sweaty but in a sexy way—think sweaty like Nelly Furtado’s "Promiscuous" video, not sweaty like you ran to catch the bus and now you’re awkwardly perspiring too close to your neighbor. (The straigh opposite of sexy.) Anyway, you’re dancing and all of a sudden you look across the floor and catch eyes with a really hot stranger. Fastforward and now you’re grinding with said hot stranger. Score. Well, Oscar & the Wolf’s new single “The Game” is the soundtrack for this exact instance.

The Belgian alt-pop artist Max Colombie, better known by his alias Oscar & the Wolf has already established himself in his home country as a household name with the success of his previous single “Strange Entity” (three million hits on YouTube and counting). Now with the release of his record “The Game”—out on tastemaker label Neon Gold—and an EP out later this year—he's set his sights Stateside. Colombie’s new single, with the help of Noah Breakfast (Wet, Tunji Ige, Christine and the Queens), blends body-quaking beats in surprising configurations, trap inflections, and darkly melancholic R&B-angled vocals.

“The track does build on the spherical electro sound of Entity [his 2014 Belgium-released debut LP],” explains Colombie. “However I feel like it's evolved to a late night remix of that sound. It's grittier, darker and sexier but still about relationships and doubt. Ultimately I'd describe it as tears on the dancefloor in the dirty twerk remix.”

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