This Monster Comp Collects the Best Colombian Punk of 2017

'Fuerza Ingobernable' is a new 14-band record shining a light on the country's growing punk and hardcore scene.
02 October 2017, 11:01am

Punk rock and hardcore has had a following in Colombia since at least the mid-80s when the legendary I.R.A. started in the city of Medellin. While back then the small scene was built on a backdrop of narco violence, corruption and social inequality, in recent years, the scene - particularly in Bogota - has kicked on with more US and European bands touring the country and Colombian bands travelling internationally. Now a new, 14-band compilation Fuerza Ingobernable shines a light on some of the best Colombian punk bands from the capital and beyond.

Put together by members of Rat Trap, a Bogota collective of musicians and artists, and released on Norwegian label Byllepest Disto, the record taps into the raw energy that has made the country's punk scene so dynamic.

Comemierdas. Image: YouTube

Though many of the bands on the comp tap into the raw crust and d-beat that os so popular in South America, others feed off more classic US and Euro hardcore style and there's even some more noise rock from Opaal.

Opaal. Image: Bandcamp

Of the album's highlights, Bogota's Primer Regimen, who recently played Montreal's Varning Festival, and who include members of Dead Hero, Traición and Final, belt out a raging phased out on "Subhumanos" while Muro's "La Ciudad es Hostil" is straight up hateful.


The long running Lupus who toured the US in 2015, blast on "Hombre Espacial" while the D-beat of Comemierdas gets beserk. The comp is available now for streaming and download with a vinyl release due in 2018.

'Fuerza Ingobernable' is available now for stream or download through Byllepest Distro.

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