Photographic Proof Introverts Can Party, Too

Our head of art shoots an awkwardly surreal photo essay at night.

by VICE Staff
27 June 2018, 6:23am

All photos shot by Ben Thomson on the Samsung Galaxy S9 

This article is supported by the Samsung Galaxy S9. We challenged a bunch of our favourite young photographers to ditch their professional cameras for the night in place of a Galaxy S9. You don’t need a bunch of gear to get good low light shots—the results speak for themselves.

Melbourne-based photographer and VICE's head of art Ben Thomson is fascinated by the small visual cues that make everyday experiences memorable, and in his latest photo essay he pays tribute to those quiet gatherings at home that turn into something epic.

“I wanted to capture the feeling of having fun and being creative, while still being an introvert,” Thomson says. “Instead of a linear narrative, there’s an awkward surrealness to the photos, because I wanted to tell the stories in the way they actually felt in the moment.”

Mission accomplished.

This article is supported by the Samsung Galaxy S9 that takes great photos in the dark with its Super Low Light camera. Feeling inspired? You can find out more about the phone here and watch our tips for achieving your own low light shots here.