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Lor Choc Knows Who Doesn't Want to See Her Win

The Baltimore singer's new song covers the need to end negative friendships.

by Lawrence Burney
17 July 2018, 6:01am

The last time we spoke to Lor Choc, the 20-year-old rapper and singer was in her hometown of Baltimore, recording music for forthcoming projects and talking about her musical beginnings. Since then, she's virtually withdrawn from social media in order to make good on promises to release new music to her fans, while trying to get herself out of bad partnerships. Today, we're premiering a new Choc track that details some of what she's been going through since February.

On Choc's new, intoxicatingly catchy track "Score," she sings "I had to stop and clip all the loose ends / I had to boss up on some of my friends." The Mitch Mula-produced song, she says, came as a result of having to protect herself from bad energy. "I've had to distance myself away from a few people who I genuinely have love for because of the simple fact that the vibes are all different," she said. "I feel like everybody loves the thought of me making it big, but very few actually want to see it happen." Like many of Choc's songs, "Score" does a masterful job of covering difficult relationships in her life all while pushing a sound that drives you to blissfully sing along.

"I had a specific sound in my head that I was looking for something catchy, easy to remember, also something that went with the summer," Choc said over the phone. "Score" comes as the first track of a collection that Lor Choc plans to release throughout the year. Listen to the song below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

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