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Meat Thump’s Live Cassette Is An Important Document of Brisbane Music

Recorded at the tail end of a debauched weekend, 'Mustard Gas' captures the band at their bleak and busted best.

by Tim Scott
06 September 2016, 12:37am

Image: Glen Schenau

In the same week that a large chunk of the Australian music industry descends on Brisbane for the annual BIG SOUND music/panel/lanyard fest, a piece of Brisbane music - that many consider more important than any delegate meeting or label showcase - has quietly been released.

Recorded live at Brisbane’s Alchemix Studios in March 201, as part of Disembraining Machine series of gigs, Meat Thump's Mustard Gas - Live cassette captures the band at their broken and bleak best.

Featuring Bobby Bott, Matt Kennedy and the late Brendon Annesley, editor of the brilliant Negative Guest List magazine and label, Meat Thump were outsider rock in the truest sense. The band operated downer-blues that was beautiful murky, odd and beautiful.

Their Box of Wine 7”, is an essential piece of modern Australian guitar rock.

Released on the Buffalo label Loki, with Australian distribution through Eternal Soundcheck, Mustard Gas - Live is limited to 60 copies with hand stamped covers.

Matt Kennedy remembers the show and weekend, which in typical Meat Thump fashion featured booze and self-deprecating banter.

“It was a Sunday night at the tail end of a debauched weekend. Brendon really wanted this to be a live tape since it was being recorded properly, but as the set progressed we realised we were quite broken. Afterwards we went back to my place to drink and forget about it but after revisiting it the charm of Brendon's lyrics and his funny as fuck banter shine through and save the day. Ain't no one that can cover “Dead Flowers” like him either."

'Mustard Gas - Live' is available through Loki and in Australia through Eternal Soundcheck.

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