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Stream Nicolas Jaar's First Solo EP in Four Years

Nymphs II is an exercise in slow-burning brilliance.

by Angus Harrison
11 May 2015, 11:48pm

It can be hard to pin down the desired effect of Nicolas Jaar's music. His work is often, at once, reflective and wild. The motions of tracks can wind slowly, before unravelling into surefire beats and bubbling bass. Put simply, it is hard to know whether to sit down, stand up, dance, muse, or sulk. His latest EP, Nymphs II, is no different. Another slow burning, progressive adventure full of loosely held rhythms and crackling landscapes. It is also, as per usual, completely brilliant. You can listen to the two tracks, "The three sides of Audrey" and "No one is looking at U" below.

The two track release was recorded in New York between the years 2011 and 2015, which should given you an idea of the level of attention that has been poured into it. We would appreciate it if we didn't always have to wait four years for Jaar to finish his music (perspective: Lil B has released 34 mixtapes in this time), but that aside, there is something pretty special listening to these tracks, knowing how much the world would have changed during their creation.

You can order the release from Jaar's own imprint Other People.

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