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Bagel Handbags and 'Matzochism' Star in Chloe Wise's Carb-Filled New Art Show

About that challah backpack you saw on the internet...

by Emerson Rosenthal
31 March 2015, 4:20pm

Pancakes No. 5, 2015, 14" × 12", Oil paint, urethane and hardware. Photography by Binky Gutman, via

Breakfast foods meet bondage in Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away, the new solo exhibition at Montreal's Division Gallery from New York City by way of Canada artist Chloe Wise. The show features Wise's art world-scandalizing Bread Bags, a sculpture series that features the addition of buckles, straps, and designer labels to baguettes, challahs, croissants, and butter and jam-covered toasts, alongside a lambskin Dior sex swing and other surreal fetish gear, like the leather-and-unleavened-bread Matzochism Paddle

"In combining fashion, food, and fetish, Wise's work combines society's most common guilty pleasures, be they commercial, edible, or sexual," our sister site, i-D, explains. "In this way, Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away's pieces are the ultimate symbols of excess." In her art, Wise questions the notion of luxury itself. Is it a clutch, a collar, or croissant? 

Check out some of the works in Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away and decide for yourself: 

Ain't No Challah Back(pack) Girl, 2014, Oil paint, urethane, sesame seeds, solicited Prada hardware

Matzochism Paddle, 2015, 3" × 8" × 0 ¼", Oil paint, urethane, hardware and leather

American Classic, 2015, 8" × 8", Oil paint, urethane and hardware

Everything Bagel No.5, 2015, 5 inches in diameter, Oil paint, urethane, sesame seeds and hardware

Safe Word, 2015, Oil paint, urethane, hardware and plates, 4 plates, each 12" in diameter

Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away is on view at Division Gallery in Montreal now through May 2, 2015. 


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