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Baton Rouge Black Metallers Barghest are Ready to Strike

Stream their side of a new grimCVLT split with the malignant Californians in TEETH.

by Kim Kelly
08 September 2016, 3:11pm

Photo by Teddie Taylor

Baton Rouge has much to answer for; while the city recovers from a historic flood and works towards mending its tattered social fabric, at least the relative obscurity of Barghest is one sin that may finally be absolved. Despite a steady recording history, this black metal outfit has not yet achieved the dominance it deserves, but its latest endeavor may help change that. The band's got a new split cassette with the malignant Californians in TEETH coming out on October 6 (preorders are live now)

The release will come via dark music blog Cvlt Nation's newly-christened record label arm, grimCVLT, and features a passel of new Barghest tracks, their first new recordings since a 2015's Weeping Firmament EP. Their continued take on black metal is hostile, virulent, and complex without sacrificing bullheaded intensity. Barghest is as indebted to the Ross Bay Cult as it is to any old Norwegian master, wallowing in pitiless black/death riffs, reveling in a filthy production and spit-shined melodies. After listening to this, all I can think about is how much I want to hear more.

Stream Barghest's side of the split below, and snag a physical copy from grimCVLT.

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