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This Canadian Party Bus Partied too Hard

Another typical Saturday night in 2017.

by Mack Lamoureux
21 November 2017, 12:34am

Photo via Twitter user @Gdiddy86

On a packed Vancouver party street a party bus burned brightly in front of a myriad of drinkers just trying to forget their shit week.

The bus went up in near Granville and Smithe streets at 10 PM Saturday evening. According to a report by the CBC, the fire started in the tail end of the vehicle before spreading to the front. The engine was still running as the fire raged forcing first responders to shut off the airflow to the engine to shut it down. It's unclear how many people were on the bus at the time of the fire, but no injuries were reported.

Every city has a place like Granville, a packed club strip where there’s a concentrated amount of so-called pickup artistry going on and fights are just one roughly-jostled $10 street hot dog away. If this party bus was sentient, it might choose self-immolation over spending the night getting peed on by the people waiting in unnecessarily long lines.

No doubt this particular bus was hired to bring a group of partiers—possibly a stag party, oh god—from one club to the next, kind of like a pub crawl. (I’m not going to explain a pub crawl to you because if you don’t already know what one is you’re doing your early 20s wrong).

One dramatic video, taken by Kearwood Gilbert who lives in a nearby tower, shows the bus in flames as as a thick black smoke rises. Gilbert told the Vancouver Sun that the fire spread quickly from the rear of the bus to the front.

It is still not known if the fire was started by accident or by a reveler lighting up in the back of the bus (which tends to happen in party buses) but the cause is under investigation.

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