Here's Everything You Need to Know About Natural Causes Via Facebook Event Descriptions

Listen to some frenzied synth punk from the North Carolina band's latest album.

by Tim Scott
23 April 2017, 11:43pm

At the moment Natural Causes are on a tour of the United States, playing shows and letting audiences know that they have merch available at the back of the room. Local punk promoters from Denver, to Detroit to that dude's basement at that old house down by the nursery, have been hastily putting together Facebook events and writing lineup descriptions. 

Here is what we know about the band through these Facebook events:

  • Three piece punk from North Carolina
  • Nasty, garage / synth punk ala Lost Sounds from Carrboro
  • Supporting their self-titled LP on the illustrious Sorry State Records. Absolutely mental 80s style psycho freak-punk with a synthesizer soaked in turpentine. Laying unconscious somewhere in-between The Weirdos and The Effigies on Tramadol.

We also know that the band's new record on Sorry State records rips with synths and big melodic garage punk. It's a sound the band have called fug beat.

Whereas their first record on the Snot label was a rough around the edges the new record brings a clearer and louder production to the stereo. Take a listen to two tracks below and read a brief chat we had with the band's Ben Carr.

Noisey: So the Tar Heels are national basketball champions. Do you care? I was going for South Carolina! 
Ben Carr:  Who the fuck goes for South Carolina? Go Heels.

Is it true that you formed specifically to play with the Ausmuteants in Durham?
We started months before that show and Daniel [Sorry State records] just needed to fill space in the press release.

How is tour going?
Tour has been great so far. We are spending our first day off at Sunset Beach and about to eat some weed candies. Last night we were in Phoenix. If we got to hang out with fellow Sorry State folks every night that'd be rad. Sorry that Gay Kiss is breaking up, Daniel.

Why is that whenever a punk band plays with synth it's described as 'weird synth'. You never see that in a New Order review.
Seems like it's just a way to add an extra description to a band. It's like how everyone compares every punk band with a synth to Lost Sounds, which is the laziest shit ever. Each to their own, though. Do you people even like New Order?

Natural Causes LP is available now on Sorry State

Catch Natural Causes at these shows:
April 24 – San Francisco at El Rio
April 26 – Chico, (ASK A PUNK)
April 27 – Eugene at the Boreal
April 28 – Portland at Valentines
April 29 – Seattle at Lucky Liquor (early show)

April 29 - Seattle at Victory Lounge (late show)
April 30 – Spokane at Baby Bar
May 1– Nampa at Rose House
May 2 – Salt Lake City at Diabolical Records
May 3 - Denver, TBA
May 4 - Kansas City at the Blind Tiger
May 5 – Fayeteville at Backspace
May 6 – St Louis at the Sinkhole
May 7 – Detroit at UFO Factory
May 8 – Cleveland at Now That's Class
May 9 – Columbus at Double Happiness
May 10 – Louisville, TBA
May 11 – Nashville at East Room
May12 – Asheville at Static Age
May 13 - Chapel Hill at Nightlight Savage Weekend