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Artist Animates YouTube Karaoke Videos To Hilarious And Adorable Results

Inspired by YouTube’s most mediocre, Kristof Luyckx’s monster-music-video covers result in hilarious greatness.

by Erica Gorochow
19 June 2013, 5:45pm

For every might-be musical prodigy on YouTube, there are millions of singers who strut, but seriously struggle, to stay on key. Whether it’s fueled by schadenfreude or genuine enthusiasm, there’s a certain magic to a “so-bad-it’s-good” performance that auto-tune could never save. Inspired by a particularly bad cover of Europe’s “The Final Countdown," director Kristof Luyckx remixed amateur vocals with illustrated monsters to create a charismatic series of mini-music videos.

“The six animations were originally created for a graphic festival in Belgium called Beyonderground,” Luyckx told us by email. “The organization asked me to make movies to introduce each lecture at the festival, but it didn't need anything to do with the speaker or their subject.”

Though Luyckx originally planned to source the singing from YouTube videos, he quickly realized he needed more control so he could coordinate the comedy between the lyrics and monsters’ particular shortcomings.

Luyckx explained, “I really wanted to have a Siamese twin monster. With this kind of creature I could do something extra: headbanging is difficult and singing a song that's called 'Go Your Own Way' looks just stupid when you're stuck to someone else. For the movie with the worm monster, I needed a song that contained slow and simple tones, so the monster was able to [play the keyboard with its head].”

Luyckx enlisted a friend to compose all of the music and perform most of the singing. Though he did admit to singing on the “Enjoy the Silence” cover and whistling in “Wind of Change.”

"When it has to sound pathetic, I am confident enough to do a vocal part,” Luyckx said, before assuring us that, “most voices are pitched. In real life I sound like a man.”

Watch the rest of the videos here.


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