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Man Blows Up Kitchen Doing That Aerosol Flamethrower Thing

The Queensland dad has officially proved your mum right.

by VICE Staff
09 March 2018, 12:48am

First up, let’s admit it. Every human alive has used a can of deodorant as a flamethrower. It’s a classic TV and movie trope, and the stuff of high school dreams. But a Mount Isa man became the ultimate parental cautionary tale on Wednesday night when he tried to create an insect spray flamethrower. The experiment went very, very wrong and ended with him literally blowing up his kitchen. Amazingly his three children, who were home, were unharmed. The man himself only suffered abrasions to his face and arms.

Explaining the scene to The North West Star, the man’s mother said: “What I heard happened was the explosion caused the stove to fire up and it hit him in the chest. He is out of hospital now and I am going to go and see him."

Ironically the man was trying to kill cockroaches at the time. Mate, next time just follow the instructions on the can.

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