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'Redneck Sandals' Are the Bastard Children of Flip-Flops and Cowboy Boots

Redneck Boot Sandals are here to help your toes breath without having to sacrifice your 'style.'

by River Donaghey
16 June 2015, 10:00pm

Photo via Redneck Boot Sandals's Facebook

Photo via Redneck Boot Sandals's Facebook

Have you ever sat down to tug on your cowboy boots one sunny morning and wished there was a way you could make a bold, Western fashion statement while still feeling a cool summer breeze on your toes? Wish no longer. One lone visionary from Missouri named Scotty Franklin has announced plans to start producing and selling Redneck Boot Sandals—cowboy boots that have been lovingly crafted into open-toed sandals. Franklin posted on the Redneck Boot Sandals's official Facebook page that "lots of gals are getting them for weddings and special occasions," and that he's already seen them worn out at the "rodeo, lake, [and the] beach."

For the time being, Redneck Boot Sandals is not selling sandals themselves—but for $75 (with shipping), you can send the company your favorite pair of boots and they will send them back fully customized into a pair of Boot Sandals you can proudly sport this summer. Spurs are not included, and neither is the decades-long therapy you'll need once you realize that wearing cowboy boot sandals has ruined all your chances of finding a mate.

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