T-Shirts Get the Star Treatment in This Epic Supercut

The plain white tee is back in with this movie supercut of all the best cotton threads.

by Diana Shi
25 July 2016, 11:35am

Cotton, thread, and major attitude constitute some of the best t-shirt designs and some of the best movie moments can feel defined by a splashy, subconsciously-catalogued white tee. Travis Greenwood crawls the movie universe to edit and splice together the images of nearly 150 different t-shirts into a four-minute video. Greenwood worked with Robert Jones and Brett Roberts to comprehensively research the project.

The jam-packed reel ignores no threads, taking everything from inconspicuous treasures like John Travolta’s “Rydell High School” gym wear from Grease to an iconic tee even a casual movie buff will recognise like The Dude’s Kaoru Betto baseball tee and Harley Quinn’s “Daddy’s Monster” number.

Though thematically, the movies of each tee don’t have much in common, the rapid walk through movie history is a thrill. Greenwood seems to favour, classic movies with a special endurance (can you say The Goonies?).

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Greenwood shares with The Creators Project that his favourite parts of the long-winded editing process are “cutting, shaping, and sequencing...the constituent bits into the final draft.” The project was revisited after its initial completion to include a few more of Greenwood’s favourite flicks, thus adding two more weeks to finally reach the finished product. He describes the montage as “a labour of love, but one I loved labouring over.”

To track each t-shirt and movie reference, visit the video’s full synopsis, including the times each tee appears, on Travis Greenwood’s blog, here. To find more supercuts and other video work by Greenwood, visit his Youtube channel, here.


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