Simple CSS Colors Kim Asendorf's Coded Compositions

Kim Asendorf's 'No Content But Rich' is an abstract series of browser-based compositions created solely with CSS.

by Benoit Palop
20 November 2014, 10:30pm

German new media artist Kim Asendorf's No Content But Rich is an abstract series of dynamic, browser-based compositions that use only the cascading style sheet (CSS) language to create dynamic gradients and rainbow-colored geometries. Asendorf's series recontextualizes the motto, "Less is More," for the digital era, giving full meaning to the term "creative coding," and providing a one-of-a-kind demonstration of the capabilities of CSS.

"Starting from the idea to create abstract compositions written entirely in CSS, I simply did some tests and experiments to figure out what properties are useful to appeal my demands of abstract art, and to combine it with the current standard of [CSS] version 3.0," the Berlin-based Asendorf told The Creators Project. "CSS is usually the sidekick while recently most attention goes to JavaScript. It was a conceptual decision to avoid JS and to limit the aesthetics to CSS properties," he explained, as the genesis of the idea actually came from an algorithm written in JavaScript and executed in .JSX thanks to the application ExtendScript Toolkit. The script loops 128 consecutive times, resulting in stunning visual "drawings" without free of human and artist interaction.  The slow-motion generative works are therefore each associated with an HTML sheet, comprised of an empty

category that names only its various graphic elements. Secondly, these elements call for a limited number of properties—via a CSS sheet that produces the visual aspects and behavior of each piece in the series—keeping the classical shapes of
elements, but attributing them with a CSS 3.0 aesthetic thanks to random, generative parameters. 

Below, check out some examples of Asendorf's CSS-created compositions:

Visit Kim Asendorf 's website to for more.


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