A Rainstorm Hits LA in This Stunning HD Timelapse

Watch the sun set and the clouds roll in on these Angelenos.
05 May 2017, 4:07am

Despite what you might hear, its not always clear and sunny skies in Los Angeles; every now and then the City of Angels experiences some not-so-perfect weather spreading a tidal wave of sheer panic across the entire town. One of these rare downpours is captured in striking high definition in Last Light, a new timelapse short by cinematographer and director Colin Rich. Stunning panoramic shots, from almost every angle imaginable, capture waves of bustling rain clouds role across the city's skyline. The powerful display of harsh weather is dazzling to say the least, but perhaps even more stunning is the celestial sunlight that pears its head over the coast after the rain has past. In this video's description, Rich writes, "Last Light is the story of Los Angeles bearing the brunt of a tempest and the clarity that comes after the storm."

Check out the video below:

This isn't Rich's first Los Angeles timelapse; his Trilogy of Lights series was anchored by a video called City Lights, which focused on the of the urban metropolis at night. Check out more of Colin Rich's work on his website.


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