Indian Police Claim Rats Drank 900,000 Liters of Booze, But Is it a Cover-Up?

It's either that, or police drank the confiscated hooch.

by Gigen Mammoser
07 May 2017, 10:33pm

A mysterious alcohol disappearance in India appears to be caused by an unlikely perpetrator: a gang of drunken rats.

In the eastern state of Pihar, which runs along the southern border of Nepal, local police have been enforcing an alcohol ban since April of last year. Authorities have since seized over 900,000 litres of of hooch and made 40,000 arrests related to alcohol smuggling.

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Since impounding the alcohol, which is often stored in police stations for evidence, much of it has gone missing—which local police have blamed on the rat population.

But how did rats break into glass bottles and drink thousands of liters of alcohol?

Top police official Manu Maharaj was curious to know just that.

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