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Busted: Bikies Have Been Renting Out Guns From a Secret 'Library'

Sydney's Nomads were apparently loaning out sniper rifles, machine guns, and meth lab equipment.

by Sergei Hedayat
21 June 2018, 3:32am

Photo via Wikicommons

NSW Police have uncovered a “gun library” operated by a bikie gang tucked into a storage shed in Sydney’s northwest. It allegedly allowed members of allied bikie clubs to rent firearms and buy ammunition.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that in June 2015, officers from the Strike Force Raptor’s bikie taskforce raided a unit filled with a variety of weapons, ammunition, and drug-lab paraphernalia in Windsor’s Hawkesbury Self Storage. There, they discovered an arsenal of weapons that included a Remington sniper rifle, a Colt AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a Ruger-14 semiautomatic rifle, and a slew of sawn-off shotguns.

According to documents revealed by police, the Sydney storage unit was rented out by Nomads bikie Sean Smith, who is often referred to as Sean Steele. Under his watch the weapons were distributed amongst associates of the Lone Wolf and Nomads bikie gangs.

Gang squad commander, Deb Wallace, told The Sunday Telegraph that “it's not unusual in situation like this that the weapons are used by any number of other criminals or criminal groups provided there is an alliance, which there appeared to be in this case.”

Court documents allege that after the discovery of the “gun library,” Police uncovered Steele’s methylamphetamine operation co-run with Lone Wolf bikie Simon Campbell.

Sean Steele was charged with 42 drug and firearm offences and was sentences to a minimum of seven years and four months jail, while Campbell was sentenced to five years and seven months for drug offences.

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