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McNo, McDrake McDidn’t McTip McDonald’s McEmployees Mc$20,000

He did hand out two $100 bills to the cashiers, however.

by Josh Terry
03 February 2019, 11:06pm

Kanye West contributed a poem to Frank Ocean’s Blonde 2016 tie-in magazine Boys Don’t Cry called “The McDonald’s Man,” where he wrote, “McDonalds, damn / Them french fries look good tho / I knew the Diet Coke was jealous of the fries / I knew the McNuggets was jealous of the fries.” It was a welcome reminder that even extremely famous people aren’t immune to the gluttonous appeal of the fast food giant. This also applies to Drake, another extremely famous rapper, who stopped by a Los Angeles McDonald’s at four in the morning last weekend.

A celebrity indulging in fast food, something most of us do more often than we’d care to admit, is definitely not a newsworthy event. But, the story comes from how weird Twitter was about the whole thing. As posts about his late night snack streamed in on the social media site, a user named AJ, a USC student who presumably thought it wasn’t cool enough to just run into Drake at a Mickey D’s, claimed he saw the Toronto artist tip two McDonald’s employees $10,000 each. A photo of Drake seemingly handing something to a cashier also surfaced.

Unlike the chain’s signature french fries, AJ’s rumor did not pass the smell test. You could even call it a Whopper. NBC4 LA reporter Kim Baldonado and CNN journalist Chloe Melas would later report that representatives for McDonald’s clarified the actual tip amount was $100 each. But that didn’t stop a wave of headlines from Fox News, Vibe, XXL, NME, Complex, and countless others taking AJ’s original tweet at face value. Perhaps the headlines were fueled by Drake’s generous self-image, like in his “God’s Plan” video where he gave away all $999,631.90 of his label’s video budget to those in need around the Miami area.

In his defense, AJ disputes Baldonado’s and Melas’ reporting, writing, “since y’all want to believe a certain individual (who wasn’t there) who apparently contacted a McDonald’s “PR team” (who also wasn’t there) - this didn’t happen inside. He came through the drive-thru first & only came inside (with his security guards) to use the bathroom.” Though AJ’s rebuttal certainly adds some minor mystery to the whole ordeal, whatever really happened proves Drake is either a good tipper or an extremely good tipper.

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

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