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Trump Calling Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' Inspired Some Truly Awful Dad Jokes

Trump will never recover from these groaners.

by River Donaghey
07 March 2019, 8:50pm

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Long ago, when there were castles and serfs and everything was basically Game of Thrones minus all the cool-ass fantasy shit, people's last names related to their trade. Coopers made barrels, Smiths did metalwork, Potters potted and Bakers baked and Carpenters carpented and so on. That time is passed and we have all kinds of weird meaningless last names now—but apparently, Trump is still catching up. On Wednesday, during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, the president turned to Apple CEO Tim Cook and called him, uh, "Tim Apple."

Sure, Trump has a history of saying dumb shit at inopportune times, and this gaff isn't anywhere near as bad as that chat with Putin or the time he praised "the abolition of civil rights," but still. The pretty hilarious and awkward moment quickly went viral—and somehow wound up inspiring some truly heinous dad jokes.

Just look at these groaners:

Got him.



Trump will never be able to recover from that one.

Why, exactly, did Trump's flub cause the entire internet to come together and, all at once, decide to churn out the worst jokes imaginable? Is this all we've got? Is there not one brilliant, satiric mind out there capable of crafting a single reasonable joke about Tim Apple? Is this really the best we can do? Are we not—oh, wait:

Phew. At least we got one.

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