The Rugged 4K Quadcopter That Fits Inside Your Backpack

Move over, Phantom...

by The Creators Project
02 September 2015, 6:40pm

Adventuring just got more epic with the launch of Vantage Robotics' new flying camera, Snap. Because of its lightweight engineering (Snap weighs 1.1lbs and fits into a backpack), it allows you to capture aerial video easily. Easily controlled by your smartphone, it's the kind of thing you'll want to take everywhere, from forest bike rides to the remotest corners of Iceland.

The press release states, “Snap packs a 4k gimbal-stabilised camera, 20-minute flight time, 30 mph top speed, and faster acceleration than a Ferrari.” Basically, it's got the steadiness of a fixed tripod—but can fly. In three years time, Vantage Robotics founders Tobin Fisher and Joe van Niekerk built a team of Stanford-trained engineers and designers to create Snap. Its camera features patent pending blade protection and a magnetic break-apart design, making make it safer and more portable than your average quadcopter. 

It might very well be the perfect travel companion that also can take panoramic selfies. Snap can be purchased at $895 if you pre-order for Spring. 

GIFs by Beckett Mufson via

Learn more about Snap by Vantage Robotics by clicking here.


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