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LCD Soundsystem Is Putting Out a New Album, Read James Murphy's Extensive Explanation

"we’re not just playing coachella. we’re playing all over. we’re not just having some reunion tour. we’re releasing a record"

by John Hill
05 January 2016, 5:37pm

By now you've definitely heard the news that LCD Soundsystem is back in action, and will be reuniting at this year's edition of Coachella. The band has been a little in the dark about why they were getting back together, or what the reunion would entail, i.e. whether or not there would be new music coming. But today, James Murphy took to LCD Soundsystem's Facebook page to tell fans exactly what the reunion will entail.

He opened the letter talking about how the reunion was started in the first place:

"so i asked pat and nancy to come over to my apartment for coffee and told them: “i’m going to record some music. should i make up a band name, or make a “james murphy” record, or should it be LCD?” we all thought a good amount about it. we have had lives for the past 5 years, which has been nice, and those guys have made amazing music with Museum Of Love, the Juan MacLean, and all sorts of other things. i’d managed to do a bunch of fun, dumb stuff which mostly annoyed people who were into the band because, well, subway turnstiles and a coffee aren’t LCD, basically."

In regards to their MSG break up show, he wrote

"but in my naiveté i hadn’t seen one thing coming:
there are people who don’t hate us at all, in fact who feel very attached to the band, and have put a lot of themselves into their care of us, who feel betrayed by us coming back and playing. who had traveled for or tried to go to the MSG show, and who found it to be an important moment for them, which now to them feels cheapened. i just hadn’t considered that. i know—ridiculous on my part. i saw some comments online a few days ago from people who felt that way, and it blindsided me, and made me incredibly sad."

He also went in detail to talk about what the tour would entail, as well as the future of their recorded music.

"in other, more pedantic news: we’re not just playing coachella. we’re playing all over. we’re not just having some reunion tour. we’re releasing a record (sometime this year—still working on it, actually), so this isn’t a victory lap or anything, which wouldn’t be of much interest to us. this is just the bus full of substitute teachers back from their coffee break with new music and the same weird gear—or as much of it as we still have (it’s very interesting to re-buy the same gear, and in some cases buy gear BACK from people you sold it to), and rambling around trying to be louder than everyone else. thank fuck we were never skinny and young. or at least i wasn’t. that always happens with bands… they aren’t fat when they come back, typically, just, i don’t know, thicker. i was lucky to start this band kind of fat and old, so there’s no, like “look how YOUNG they were!” shit to even find on the internet. i mean, we were younger and everything, but we weren’t young, if you know what i mean."

Read the rest of Murphy's letter right here:

let’s just start this thing finally with some clarity.i write songs all the time. sometimes they’re just weird songs...

Posted by LCD Soundsystem on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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