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Here's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Synced Up to System of a Down Because Sure, Why Not?

It's the mashup you didn't know you wanted.

by Dan Ozzi
13 October 2014, 3:15pm

Marty Scorsese has got to be a big fan of memes and internet humor, right? I ask because as soon as I saw The Wolf of Wall Street, I knew the internet was going to tear it apart and have its way with it. The most meme-able scene of course was Leo’s over-the-top chest-thumping office morale boosting speech. (Except of course for the whole vagina-teasing scene, the doing-coke-out-of-a-girl’s-butt scene, the Leo-and-Jonah-Hill-double-teaming-the-hooker scene, and other things that make me wish I hadn’t seen the movie with my parents.) But the chest-thumping… that’s an internet goldmine, right there.

And the internet did not disappoint, hitting us with Meshuggah mashups, thump remixes, and other videos to varying degrees of successful meme-ing. And even though the movie has been out for almost a year, they still keep rolling in. Like this one uploaded the other day by YouTube user, Marca Blanca, in which the movie pretty nicely syncs with System of a Down’s “Chop Suey.” Sell me this pen. I mean, enjoy.

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