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Brody Dalle: "Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy" (Feat Shirley Manson)

We're mad excited to have the premiere of Brody's first ever solo video.

24 February 2014, 11:40am

We caught up with Brody Dalle at the end of last year, and were super relieved to find she was still railing against sexism in the music industry, anticipating the next anarchist rock'n'roll band and discussing the etymology of "shitballs" with her 8-year-old kid.

Now we're mad excited to have the premiere of Brody's first ever solo video, which is also her first new release in over four years. Directed by Dalle, animator Anthony Winn and award-winning vid director Richard Farmer, the video sees an animated Dalle birth a baby who grabs a pimp stick and top hat and flies a dragon over the streets of Japan, before Shirley Manson makes a guest appearance in the most joyous punk-rock refrain you're ever likely to hear.

We spoke to Brody last week about the song and the vid.

Noisey: What was going on when you wrote "Meet The Foetus"?

Brody: I had just come out of a four year depression and I'd had a personality crisis after my daughter was born. Bad post natal. The Distillers had ended and my life looked completely different. When I wrote that song I was starting to feel like myself again, I think psychically I knew I was pregnant. I feel complete after having kids. I always felt lost and without a purpose, having kids has grounded me truly into myself.

How did Shirley come be to involved in the track?

I met Shirley when I opened for Garbage and No Doubt. I don't know why but I marched into her dressing room and fell in love with her. I wanted girl gang vocals for the end of "Meet The Foetus" so I called her and Emily of Warpaint.

The video is wild. Parts of it look like The Arab Spring, parts of it look like Studio Gibli.

I'm obsessed with Cowboy Bebop, I love anime. Japan is one if my most favourite places to go and play. "Meet The Foetus" is also about the anxiety of bringing kids into the world and the current events that have been taking place and affecting people everywhere.

The baby in the vid wearing quite a vibey top hat? What's the best things your kids wear?

My son and daughter have matching red cowboy shirts with white tassels and it's beyond freaking cute.

Pics or it didn't happen. By the way, I'm really into that Leopard print carpet you perform on at the end. I've just moved into a new place, any chance I could pinch it?

Yes I think I could make that happen. I'm a punk rock girl at heart. I could live in a leopard covered world.

Brody's debut solo album Diploid Love is released in the UK on the 28th April.

Song Written By Brody Dalle, Video Concept by Brody Dalle

“Meet The Foetus” directed by Brody Dalle & Anthony Winn, animation by Anthony Winn

“Oh The Joy” Directed by Brody Dalle & Richard Farmer, DOP/Editor Cale Glendening

Produced by Meg Symsyk

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