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PREMIERE: Karin Park Teams up with Pandora Drive for "Hurricane"

True story: this song came about because Park kept hearing her neighbors making music through the walls.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
22 January 2015, 2:53pm

You might recognize Karin Park's sweet yet glacial tones from "Everything"—her collaboration with Maya Jane Coles. Or maybe you know her as the Swedish-born, London-based solo star in her own right. She's got five albums to her name, after all, including this year's Apocalypse Pop (out 3.30). Above is the premiere for "Hurricane," a darkly grooving downtempo track that find her sublimely vocals mirrored by a male vocalist. Turns out the collaboration happened thanks to some poorly insulated, thin London walls.

"Thomas Knights and Nick Sheldon [a.k.a. Pandora Drive] were making music next door almost every night while I stayed in London," explains Park. "One night when I was in my room, I heard their music through the wall and could hear the melody in my head. I walked straight into their room while singing it and Thomas recorded the whole thing on his phone. That's how it started.”

If only all neighborly interaction could be so fruitful.

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