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Mac DeMarco Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson in His Video for "Another One"

When's the last time you decided to play your instrument in the middle of the sea?

by John Hill
16 June 2015, 2:15pm

Hauling your huge keyboard into the middle of the ocean requires a lot of dedication to the craft; you have to pick the right plants to go along with your table set up, the right Simpsons dolls, everything. If your aesthetic and presentation is off, no one is going to stop their 84 Trans Am to watch you play a swooning melody. You'd probably stop for Mac DeMarco though, who just dropped a new video for his song "Another One," which is the title track from his upcoming LP out August 7. The video features Mac doing all the above, and everything being filmed with a really shitty video camera that gives it a very accurate portrayal of what dude's all about.

Watch the video below, and also check out the video of him fucking around in the Dead Sea.

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