Lose Sight of Yourself in Loma Prieta's New Video for "Love"

Watch the video for the first song off their new record 'Self Portrait' due this October.
09 September 2015, 12:52pm

Every new Loma Prieta record is another leap forward in quality, asking the question "how much better can they get from here?" From the self-titled days of Last City to their 2012 Deathwish debut with I.V. every record gives a new prespective on what the genre is capable of, and how far the Bay Area band can push themselves to write resonant music. Their new record coming out this October, Self Portrait takes what they've built up to now, and subverts it into new forms. Much like their new video for "Love."

The band creates intricate riffs showing off emotion and divides in its music, a stage for the singer's pained vocals to pierce through. Even in all its resonance and energy, the song remains to be incredibly catchy. Maybe catchy isn't the correct word in context, the way the melody hangs over you is truly haunting and ever-present, the way the song builds and builds in its apex. The video perfectly represents this build up; the visual starts with the band in a black and white space devoid of anything but the band playing. As the song progresses, the vision of what they're doing intensifies and distorts itself to the point where you can't really understand what's going on. It's here where the song and its strength hits its total power, visually and sonically. Loma is forever.

Watch the video below, pre-order your copy of their new record Self Portrait right here.

John Hill is glad he grew up in the same city as Loma. Follow him on Twitter - @JohnXHill