It's Lebron James—Made Out of Dryer Lint

Last year, Ohio artist Sandie Buffie took a bunch of dryer lint and made a sculpture of Lebron James. This is about that.

by DJ Pangburn
13 June 2017, 3:33am

For most people, dryer lint is an annoyance. Not for Sandy Buffie, who uses lint as a material for "found object" sculptures, like that of the Lebron James bust that earned her a degree of fame last year. Seeing as how James and the Cavaliers are back in the NBA championship for the third year in a row against the Golden State Warriors—and not doing too well, either—Buffie decided to break the lint sculpture back out. The 30-pound lint bust is as strange and interesting as ever, and further proof that the art world has an interesting fetish for basketball.

Buffie, who typically works with metal and found objects for jewelry and sculptures, first realized the potential of lint as sculptural material quite by accident. As the artist notes on her website, she was on the phone with her mother while her two boys hung from each leg. That's when she became aware that the wet lint in her hand could be sculpted, so she quickly made a tiny lint man.

Soon after, Buffie, who now calls herself "The Lint Lady," began experimenting with a lint, water, and glue mixture to develop life-sized busts. Apart from her lint Lebron, Buffie has also made sculptures of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Einstein, Jay Leno, The Wolfman, and Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt.

Click here to see more of Sandy Buffie's designs.


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