Kardajala Kirridarra’s Stunning New Video is a Celebration of Womanhood

"Warmala (Young Girls Song)" tells of woman and earth transforming as one.
21 November 2017, 9:42pm

Kardajala Kirridarra's name translates to ‘Sandhill Women’ and relates to the mysterious bush woman who inhabit the sandhills outside the remote Malinja community in the Northern Territory.

The four-piece's songs, sung in both Mudburra and English, tell the story of the connection between Aboriginal women and country and are reminders of the importance of women as creators.

Songwriter and vocalist Eleanor Dixon began making music with Melbourne vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Beatrice Lewis, before they were joined by Eleanor’s aunt, Janey Dixon, who is a translator, storyteller, and poet. Rapper and MC Kayla Jackson completes the lineup.

Today they share the video for the stripped-back version of "Warmala (Young Girls Song)" by David Williams and Sooji Kim. Filmed around Eleanor and Janey's community of Marlinja at the beginning of the wet season, the video is visually stunning.

"The video was shot at Marlinja where Kardajala comes from," explains Eleanor via email. "This song holds the feeling of a young girl learning about the next phase of becoming a woman. Land and body, a woman and earth transforms together as one. This teaching is taught at the age where a wamarla (a young girl) becomes a kirri (a young woman)."

Early 2018 performances sees Kardajala Kirridarra playing at Sugar Mountain and Hobart's MOFO festival.

Kardajala Kirridarra's debut self-titled album is available now.

Upcoming Kardajala Kirridarra performances:
Jan 19 - Melbourne at Northcote Social Club
Jan 20 - Melbourne at Sugar Mountain Festival
Jan 21- Hobart at Mofo at Mona
Jan 25 - Sydney at Leadbelly
Jan 26 - Sydney at Yabun Festival
Feb 9 - Perth at Perth Festival at Chevron Gardens