Rio 2016

Size 18 U.S. Olympic Boat Shoe Looks More Like a Boat Than Anything

While we don't know how funny this year's be, there certainly are some clown shoes in the batch.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
31 July 2016, 10:01pm

One of the funnier things about the Olympics is watching the athletes process during the torch lighting ceremony in their funny-ass clothes. A bunch of people with practically no aesthetic or cultural commonalities—think a fencer vs. a basketball player—walking onto the world stage wearing duds that cartoonishly represent their country.

Well, bits and pieces are being revealed of what's in store for this year, and while we don't know exactly how funny they'll be (some sketches were released of the Ralph Lauren-designed outfits), there certainly are some clown shoes in the batch.

Obviously, these aren't going to be from the women's gymnastics team. But based on a little bit of research, it seems like they could very well be Kevin Durant's, who sports exactly a size 18. Oh, and for the record—as if you need to know at this point—Draymond Green wears a size 15.