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Klay Thompson, China Chronicles: Gets Tickled, Destroyed in Arm Wrestling

It's fun. It's silly.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
03 July 2017, 12:13am

Screenshot via @warriorsworld

Remember the final scene in "Over the Top," when the ragtag trucker Lincoln Hawk takes on the five-time World Champion Bull Hurley in the wrestling of arms? You know, when Hawk adjusts his grip on Hurley, who outweighs him by 100 pounds, and finally—per his estranged son's wishes—goes over the top? Well, here is a video of Klay Thompson getting wrecked in arm wrestling that is nothing like that.

Klay has been on something of a rumspringa in China, a trip perhaps best known for that time that Klay rim-checked himself into the Sunken Place. And now he's trying his hand at another competition where he's willing to embarrass himself: arm wrestling.

Thompson was pitted up against a woman whose arm is 1/3 the size of Klay's, and yet seems to be putting in an effort. (This is like those NBA stars' visits to basketball camps, where they need to swat as many kids as possible to make sure they know the players aren't going soft on them.) But in the middle of the match, the woman saw that her time was running short, and so she went in for some (very intimate?) tickling. It's hard to tell exactly how much this psyched out Klay—or even if he's really laughing—but the man was a good sport, collapsing in a pile of giggles.

Klay seems to be better at vacations than you and I.

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