Phile Create Industrial Techno That Kicks Against Sydney's Cultural Screws

Listen to a new track that features vocals from High Tension's Karina Utomo.

by Hannah Ballantyne
26 May 2017, 1:18am

One of the upshots of Sydney's cultural chokehold has been the rise in dissonant and political electronic music. One example is phile, an intense live duo who produce techno and industrial sounds for people who want to wrestle back control and power.

Since forming in late 2013, producers Gareth Psaltis and Hannah Lockwood have made a definitive impact on Sydney's electronic music scene and are now set to release their debut EP on new label Deep Seeded.

It's an expansive and impressive debut with lead track "Abhor" featuring Karina Utomo of hardcore band High Tension. Utomo's voice howls on the industrial-laden beat, quite similarly to Al Jourgensen's vocals on Ministry's 1988 club banger "You Know Who You Are." It makes for a track that is both harsh and beautifully alluring.

Phile's 12" is available July 3 through Deep Seeded Records.

Image: ghi