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MOD CON's Steely Punk Will Make You Want to Destroy Capitalism

We're premiering 'Modern Convenience,' the Poison City debut from Melbourne's MOD CON.

by Shaad D’Souza
04 April 2018, 2:29am

Kalindy Williams

According to "Scorpio Moon," the first song on MOD CON's excellent debut album Modern Convenience, lead singer and guitarist Erica Dunn's favourite songs are love songs. But most love songs require the ability to spot a silver lining on the greyest clouds, and Modern Convenience does the opposite; these aren't love songs, they're furious, exhilarating anti-capitalist ragers that absolutely pummel.

MOD CON's lineup –– Dunn, along with bassist Sara Retallick and Various Asses' Raquel Solier on drums –– is the same as it was on Flowers in a Vase, Dunn's last record as Palm Springs, but MOD CON is a new band; there's little (if any) crossover with Palm Springs' stark Americana. Produced by Dunn's Tropical Fuck Storm bandmate Gareth Liddiard, Modern Convenience seethes and yells, Solier's drums pounding and Dunn's guitar screaming like they never did in Palm Springs. Songs like "Kidney Auction Blues" and "Scorpio Moon" sport lyrics so acidic that they sound like they're at risk of dissolving, Dunn singing about the injustices of capitalism with crushing power.

MOD CON aren't a one-trick pony, though; Modern Convenience also showcases a surprising stylistic depth. There are flourishes here that suggest more interesting things to come, like the strings that catch you off guard on "Bad Time At The Hilton" and "Get In Front Of Me, Satan," adding nails-on-chalkboard stress to the former track and devolving into violent noise during the final moments of the latter. There aren't any love songs on Modern Convenience, but you'll probably fall in love anyway.

Listen to Modern Convenience:

MOD CON Modern Convenience Album Tour Dates:

Fri. April 20, 2018 – The Tote Hotel, Melbourne | details
Fri. April 27, 2018 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane | details
Sat. April 28, 2018 – The Red Rattler, Sydney | details

Modern Convenience is out this Friday on Poison City. Pre-order the album on vinyl or CD at Poison City or digitally.

Shaad D'Souza is Noisey's Australian Editor. Follow him on Twitter.

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