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Meet Fleur & Manu, The Directors Behind M83's Epic Video Trilogy

The French filmmaking team that wrote the saga from the asylum walls to outer space.

by Abdullah Saeed
20 December 2012, 4:35pm

Having worked with the likes of Tricky, Sebastien Tellier, and Bag Raiders, directorial duo Fleur & Manu have established themselves as experts when it comes to creative visuals to complement music. Their cinematic work on a trilogy of videos for M83 demonstrates the team’s boundless imagination, weaving an epic tale that increases in scope and intensity with each installment.

Beginning with “Midnight City,” we meet a group of children with special telekinetic powers imprisoned in an asylum from which they escape and, for a few fleeting moments, live like regular kids. That is, until they discover they are being pursued by the faceless authorities, who no doubt aim to place the kids back in captivity, in “Reunion.” In the final episode “Wait,” created with support from The Creators Project, we enter an entirely new level of epic.

The culmination of this tale following unlikely superheroes places us in what might be a different world, with sweeping landscapes, space travel, timeless costume, and honest-to-goodness arctic wolves. In this final chapter, the story reaches its highest level of abstraction, leaving the conclusion of the story somewhat open to interpretation. In our profile covering the creation of the video for “Wait,” Fleur and Manu describe message behind the story, how the characters represent an innocence that only children possess, and how the imagery can at once be serious and playful.