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World's Most Pass-Ag Man Parks Two Cars Across Road to Avenge Parking Fine

Not happy with the consequences of a very illegal park, a Hong Kong businessman disrupted a city street by blocking it with his Lexus and a seven-seater van.
Wendy Syfret
17 hours ago

Things I've Learned About Homegrown Terrorism by Following the Alt-Right

In 2015 I started reporting from Reclaim Australia rallies. That movement has now reached a tragic culmination in New Zealand.
Royce Kurmelovs
18 hours ago
birth control

Where the Hell Is Birth Control for Men?

For years, headlines have promised birth control for cis men is just around the corner. The truth is more complicated.
Marie Solis
Leila Ettachfini
a day ago
data privacy

Health Apps Can Share Your Data Everywhere, New Study Shows

A study tested two dozen medicine apps to find out how and where they're sharing your personal data.
Samantha Cole
a day ago

Watch a Woman Drop a 20-Litre Container of Ranch Dressing... Everywhere

Plus, Beto O'Rourke's penchant for leaping onto countertops is worrying coffee shop managers.
Jelisa Castrodale
a day ago

The Psychological Effects of Grieving on Social Media

Facebook has transformed the way a lot of people experience loss and express grief. But is it helpful?
Lea Surugue
a day ago

An American Perspective on New Zealand's Ban of all Military-Style Weapons and Assault Rifles

"This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like," tweeted Bernie Sanders.
David Gilbert
a day ago
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The Final Victory in the Battle Against ISIS Is Now in Sight

The battle is almost over, but for now ISIS fighters are still clinging to their last tiny piece of territory.
a day ago

Eight Days to Go: What the Fuck Is Going On with Brexit?

Theresa May addressed the nation yesterday to say that the mess is everyone's fault but hers.
Gavin Haynes
a day ago

Time Is Everything

It determines more about your life than anything except money, and obviously “time” and “money” give each other meaning, value, and possibility.
Kate Carraway
a day ago
The Story Of

The Story of 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)' by Eiffel 65

How a song that flopped when it came out wound up topping charts across the globe.
VICE Staff
a day ago

Competitive Slapping Is the World’s Greatest Sport

You do not want to get into a slap fight with the Russian man known as Dumpling.
Mack Lamoureux
a day ago