Storm Area 51

There's a New 'Storm Area 51' Event With Running Water and Showers

"It's an open invitation to an amazing place and it's being held that weekend to let those pray from a distance for those who are coming to our area."
MJ Banias
an hour ago
Tech news

This Is Our First Look at This Prehistoric Human Relative, Made Using DNA

All that remains of the Denisovans are a few bone samples, but scientists used DNA to reconstruct what our prehistoric relative might have looked like for the first time.
Becky Ferreira
an hour ago
Canada Election 2019

The Best Late-Night Jokes About Justin Trudeau's Blackface Scandal

“He’s not dressed as Aladdin, he’s dressed as Aladdin doing blackface,” Trevor Noah said of Justin Trudeau’s makeup color choice.
Mack Lamoureux
an hour ago

This Company Thinks It Can Solve Diversity With 100,000 Fake AI Faces

Generated Photos is a free-to-use Google Drive full of algorithmically-generated face, that the creators say will solve a lack of diversity in stock imagery. Spoiler: It won't.
Samantha Cole
an hour ago

Police Are Killing with Impunity Inside Rio’s Favelas

Rio’s police have already killed more than 1,000 people this year.
Ben Ferguson
Juanita Ceballos
an hour ago
New music

Listen to The Beatles Botch an Early, Unreleased Recording of 'Come Together'

The sneak preview is one of 23 outtakes and demos from an upcoming reissue of 'Abbey Road,' out September 27.
Drew Schwartz
an hour ago

Twitter Is Asking Sex Workers If They’re Bots and Demanding Their Phone Numbers

After Twitter locked or limited a number of accounts owned by sex workers, users are wondering what's going on.
Samantha Cole
an hour ago
Environmental Extremes

A Look at the Lives of People Separating Waste at One of Asia's Biggest Garbage Dumps

Between battling authorities who have closed off access to their only source of livelihood, harassment by the local mafia and a drug problem, this is the harsh reality of being a ragpicker at India’s Deonar dump.
Shamani Joshi
17 hours ago
Algorithmic Bias

Algorithms Have Nearly Mastered Human Language. Why Can’t They Stop Being Sexist?

To fight gender bias, researchers are training language-processing algorithms to envision a world where it doesn’t exist.
Lynne Peskoe-Yang
17 hours ago

Seth Rogen Is Actually Doing Something About the War on Drugs

Rogen may be another white guy profiting off legal weed, but he tells VICE there's 'no way' he can ignore prohibition's racist past.
Manisha Krishnan
17 hours ago
this is fine

Eating a Ton of Candy Helps Me Stay Sober

No one tells you that a big part of quitting drinking can be incessantly craving sugar.
Grace Lavery
17 hours ago

New, Dire Climate Models Say the Planet Warms Faster Than We Thought

Two new models say the Earth is even more sensitive to emissions than we thought, and humanity has to work even harder to meet Paris agreement targets.
Madeleine Gregory
17 hours ago