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Five Things To Know About Australia’s Election Results

As the country attempts to get its head around what happened last night, we are offering up a few bite-sized takeaways to get you through a day of political small talk.
VICE Staff
a day ago

Infamous Forum For Instagram Hackers Gets Hacked by Other Hackers

Hackers hacked the OGUSERS forum and published its database in another hacker forum.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
a day ago

This Is What Fish Oil Supplements Actually Do

Is fish oil really just snake oil?
Mark Hay
a day ago

Florida Captures, Kills Giant Lizard That Terrorised Local Community for a Year

The elusive, human-sized reptile was nabbed by wildlife authorities.
Sarah Emerson
a day ago

Life Coach Tony Robbins Faces Allegations of Sexual Harassment

The news comes in the wake of his controversial comments around #MeToo.
Leila Ettachfini
a day ago

Enough with the Batman Movies Already

Robert Pattinson will apparently be the new Batman. But do we really need more Batmen?
Drew Schwartz
a day ago

The 'Old Town Road' Video Is Better Than 'The Godfather'

Chris Rock, Vince Staples, and Rico Nasty join Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus for an epic five-minute video for the song.
Kristin Corry
2 days ago

Leaving Earth Comes with Serious Psychological Risks

The film ‘Aniara’ asks what humans are without our home world.
Becky Ferreira
2 days ago

Ghost the Direwolf Is the Only Good Choice for the Iron Throne

Humans had their shot. They blew it. Long live the Direwolf Dynasty.
River Donaghey
2 days ago

Lana Del Rey's Sublime Cover Is SoCal Perfection

The singer's take on 'Doin' Time' will appear in an upcoming documentary about the band.
Alex Zaragoza
2 days ago
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into The National, Rock Existentialists

Upon the release of the band's eighth studio album, 'I Am Easy to Find,' here's a guide to help you ease into their impressive, expansive discography.
Alex Swhear
2 days ago

Opinion: The New Ketamine-Based Antidepressant Is a Rip-Off

Johnson & Johnson patented a form of the psychedelic with less research and a ridiculous price tag.
Marco A. Ramos, MD, PhD
J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PhD
Michael D. Alpert, MD
2 days ago