Every 20-Something Is Now Obsessed with Making Bread

Sourdough bro season is here.
Jack Cummings
a day ago

This Is a Historic Crisis. Where Is America's Democratic Leadership?

In the moment when the working class needs them the most, the Democratic party is leaving people behind.
Clio Chang
a day ago

Chinese Drug Traffickers Have a Brand New Product: Knock-Off N95 Masks for Coronavirus

“They're supplying them through the same exact supply chain, through the same exact marketing mechanisms, that they have with illicit drugs for a long time.”
Daniel Newhauser
Keegan Hamilton
a day ago
health wellness

This 'Virus-Free' Retreat Sounds Like a Pandemic Hot Spot Waiting to Happen

The ill-conceived “Harbor” promises group respite from COVID-19 for as little as $3,000 a month and flies in the face of every known warning about the pandemic.
Harron Walker
a day ago

Drake’s Video for 'Toosie Slide' Proves He’s Just As Bored as the Rest of Us

His weak attempt at TikTok fame is one of the few ways his audience can relate to an otherwise unrelatable man.
Ashwin Rodrigues
a day ago

As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Thirst for Dr. Anthony Fauci

Faucimania is upon us!
Jelisa Castrodale
a day ago

A Burglar Explains How He's Doing Now Everyone's at Home

"I'm not having much luck."
Mahmood Fazal
2 days ago
Australia Today

Western Australia to Close Its Borders for the First Time in History

Flouting the state's quarantine laws will attract a $50,000 fine, even if you're a WA resident.
Gavin Butler
2 days ago

Please Take a Moment to Enjoy These Corona-Themed Helmets Being Worn by Indian Cops

The "corona warrior" is just what we needed.
Pallavi Pundir
2 days ago

Scientists Think They’ve Found a New Type of Star-Destroying Black Hole

A new analysis of Hubble data has revealed the best candidate yet for a type of black hole that nobody has seen yet, and it gave itself away by tearing a star apart.
Becky Ferreira
2 days ago

Does Tom Brady Think COVID-19 Was Sent to Make Us All 'Chill Out'?

“Maybe the world is telling us to slow down a little bit, you know?” he said.
Laura Wagner
2 days ago
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What to Do When Everyone Needs Support but You're Only One Person

If you feel like you’re not doing enough and also like you’re doing way too much, making a care budget can help you figure out what “enough” looks like right now.
Rachel Miller
2 days ago