This Migraine Subreddit Has the Best Memes on the Internet

The r/migraine forums has advice and camaraderie, but most of all, it has dank memes.
Samantha Cole
an hour ago

Scientists Discover Unexplained Glowing Circles of Energy in Space

Scientists believe they have likely discovered a new and unexplained class of space object: the Odd Radio Circle, or ORC.
Becky Ferreira
an hour ago

Lebanon’s Economic Collapse Is Causing Even More Suffering Than Coronavirus

“Corona isn't scary. What's scary is that the dollar is fluctuating and a poor person can't afford to buy anything.”
Michael Downey
Nour Matraji
Milena Mikael-Debass
an hour ago

Simple Plan Bassist Quits Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

David Desrosiers apologized for “interactions I have had with women that have caused them harm.”
Manisha Krishnan
an hour ago

BangBros Is Staging a Public Relations Campaign Against Mia Khalifa

The porn company claims to have filed a cease and desist against Khalifa, in response to her comments about her experience with the company.
Samantha Cole
an hour ago

Feeling Unproductive? This Video Won't Help, But It Will Explain Productivity

VICE News’ “Complexify” series takes you down the rabbit hole, to show you why just about everything is more convoluted than you think.
Oliver Noble
Michael Kalenderian
James Hamilton
an hour ago
world politics

Singapore Ruling Party Keeps Supermajority, but Support Is Slipping

While the People's Action Party won most seats in parliament as expected, opposition parties also took a record number of seats in PAP's weakest showing in history.
Heather Chen
an hour ago

US Hits China with Sanctions Over Uighur Detention Camps

Among those targeted is Chen Quanguo (pictured), the main figurehead behind the camps.
Gavin Butler
a day ago

Australia's Outbreak of a Deadly Dog Disease May Have Come From Imported Pets

The tick-borne illness was detected in Australia for the very first time in May. Experts are worried it's spreading.
Gavin Butler
a day ago

How to Set Up a Pi Hole to Block Ads and Speed Up Your Internet

With a little time and energy, anyone can build a little computer that kills advertisements and makes browsing more manageable.
Matthew Gault
a day ago

The Straight Men Who Have Sex with Trans Women

Wanting to have sex with trans women is not synonymous with undoing the stigma against loving them.
Diana Tourjée
a day ago
george floyd

‘Tell My Kids I Love Them’: Transcript Reveals George Floyd's Final Moments

A harrowing body cam transcript reveals that Floyd called out for his mother and his children, while former officer Derek Chauvin told him to stop talking.
David Gilbert
a day ago