climate change

I Tested Out the Ridiculous Fashion Climate Change Will Force on Us

Fan shirts, AC watches, Beijing Bikinis, and more.
Justin Caffier
an hour ago

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Single

National Singles Day is this weekend. I'll definitely be celebrating.
Alison Stevenson
2 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Wes Anderson's Next Film Sounds Like a Wes Anderson Mad Lib

It's apparently a 1950s "musical comedy" set in an imaginary French city, because why not?
Nicole Clark
2 hours ago

The Legal Weed Industry is Shutting Out People of Color

The marijuana business is booming in the US, but the high costs of setting up legal weed operations are shutting out many black and brown entrepreneurs.

Texas Tea Partiers Are Freaking Out Over 'Deep State' Conspiracy Theories

Here's why the state is ground zero in the right-wing panic over threats to the Trump presidency.
John Savage
5 hours ago

How to Cook Without Giving Anyone Food Poisoning

You're probably going to be fine, but let's cover the basics just in case.

The Definitive Guide to Superhero Dicks

Is Superman circumcised? What about the Thing's thing? We answer all the questions you never had here.
Eve Peyser
5 hours ago

This Company Will Pay You $50 an Hour to Smoke Weed

Time to move to Canada!
Manisha Krishnan
5 hours ago

What Can I Keep Private From My Parents Even if I’m on Their Insurance?

Written so you can actually understand it.
deep dive

The Best Dive Bar in Texas Opens at 7 AM and Refuses to Be Gentrified

You see the eternal Houston at D&W Lounge.
John Nova Lomax
6 hours ago

'Assassination Nation' Is a Wild Movie About Everything Wrong with America

You need to see this bloody high school flick that was too hot for Facebook and Instagram.
Kara Weisenstein
5 hours ago

The shutdown of a solar observatory in New Mexico had nothing to do with aliens

Authorities believe a janitor was using the Sunspot Solar Observatory's WiFi to download and distribute child pornography.