Turns Out Eminem Is Himself a Stan

His tweets calling out Netflix for canceling 'The Punisher' sound like they're written by his famous super fan alter ego.
Taylor Hosking
15 hours ago
Late Capitalism

Elizabeth Warren Saw the Millennial Debt Nightmare Coming

Now she's explaining what to do about a broken system.
Allie Conti
17 hours ago
White Nationalism

"White nationalist" in the Coast Guard was stockpiling guns to massacre Democrats and journalists, prosecutors say

Prosecutors have asked a judge to detain Lt. Christopher Hasson until he can face trial for illegal drug possession and possession of firearms.
Tess Owen

Father Charged with Killing His 11-Year-Old Daughter Dies in Hospital

Roopesh Rajkumar was accused of abducting and killing his daughter on her birthday.
Tamara Khandaker
16 hours ago

Seeking Asylum in the US to Escape Trans Discrimination

Vice meets the latinx trans women who struggle to seek asylum for their identity in America
Remembering Things

How ‘The Sebadoh’ Killed Sebadoh

Twenty years later, 90s indie rock icons Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein reflect on the tumultuous times surrounding their ill-fated and short-lived major label record deal.
Gary Suarez
true crime

The Woman Who Plotted a Valentine's Mass Murder Shares How the Internet Radicalized Her

How a violent Tumblr meme sparked an online romance that almost ended with the worst mass killing in Canadian history.
Mack Lamoureux
19 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' Looks Way, Way Scarier Than the Original

This new trailer gives us our first real look at the reboot.
River Donaghey
16 hours ago

Here's What Each Democratic Candidate Means When They Say "Medicare for All"

Support for “Medicare-for-all” is becoming a front-runner topic among Democratic presidential candidates. But the phrase is being used to describe multiple policies.
Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News

How LA Became a Bastion for People Who Are 'Spiritual, Not Religious’

The ecstatic, hypnotic chanting of kirtan is a huge scene in the city. And that makes perfect sense.
Katie Bain
17 hours ago

'Milk Skin,' Today's Comic by Margot Ferrick

Pig-Noodle details his love of eating a weird, delectable snack.
Margot Ferrick
17 hours ago

The Death Of Local News Is Making Us Dumber And More Divided

There’s a steep price to pay for mindless media consolidation and the elimination of quality, local reporting, according to a new study.
Karl Bode

New York's Bodega Owners Want to Sell You (Legal) Weed

Recreational marijuana isn't yet legal in New York State, but corner stores are already angling for a piece of the action.
Alex Norcia
17 hours ago

The Crystal Meth Epidemic Plaguing Fresno

VICE's Paola Ramos traveled to Fresno, CA to explore the history, factors and the ongoing relationship between the Latino community and methamphetamine use.