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Just Like Obama, Trump Seems to Be Giving Up on Ending America's Wars

After sounding like an anti-war candidate at times, Trump has taken a dive into the DC foreign policy swamp.
Harry Cheadle
3 hours ago

'Synthwave' Is the Next 'Lofi Hip-Hop Radio to Relax/Study To'

How the genre mined 80s nostalgia and modern dystopia to become a giant on YouTube.
Luke Winkie
8 minutes ago

Here Comes the Legal Case for Medicinal Psychedelics

Therapist Bruce Tobin is striving to give end-of-life cancer patients magic mushrooms in a clinical setting.
Sarah Berman
an hour ago

Young People Don't Want Casual Things Out of Casual Sex

A new study shows that men and women want more out of a one-night stand than the idea suggests.

Ted Cruz Insisted on Playing 'A Whole New World' at His Wedding

From the CD.
River Donaghey
2 hours ago
Tunnel Vision

A Fancy New E-Ferry Wants to Save New York's L Train Commuters

They'll have coffee and booze and maybe avocado toast?
John Surico
2 hours ago

Robyn on Being a Pop Icon, 'Honey,' and How Dancing Is Religious

The Swedish pop icon is back with 'Honey,' her first album in eight years. We hung out with her to speak about it.

'Midsummer,' Today's Comic by Erik Svetoft

Creepy cults and arguing brothers are taking over this summery island.
Erik Svetoft
2 hours ago
The Power and Privilege Issue

The Hot New Gen-Z Trend Is Skipping College

High schoolers are weighing the benefits of blue-collar trades at a time when well-paying jobs—and no debt—are hard to pass up.
Allie Conti
4 hours ago

New Website Offering Abortion Pills Online Launches in the US

Aid Access lets patients buy abortion pills online and administer them themselves without having to see a doctor in-person.
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Fugitive Allegedly Faked His Own Death to Chill in a $3.4 Million Castle

A clear lesson in what not to do after faking your own death.
Drew Schwartz
3 hours ago

The Best Episodes from All 20 Years of ‘Law & Order: SVU’

I’ve watched all 438 episodes of the infamous sex crime show. Here’s what I learned.
Amil Niazi
3 hours ago