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Let This Man Build a Huge Wood Bong for the Town of Woodenbong, You Monsters

A bunch of killjoys are trying to prevent Paul Pearson from fulfilling his destiny.
River Donaghey
5 minutes ago

'Five Feet Apart' Portrays the Grueling Realities of Cystic Fibrosis

"CF is also disease I’ve fought bitterly for 32 years since being diagnosed at six months old...'Five Feet Apart' acknowledges the hard truths of fighting a losing battle."
Kyle O'Tain
19 minutes ago
reality tv

Reality TV Stars Share What It’s Like to Watch a Liar Get Caught on Camera

While it’s hard to get those doing the lying to reflect, their witnesses were willing to talk.
Allie Jones
2 hours ago
true crime

The Horrific Story of a Mob of White Cab Drivers Getting Away with Murder

The tragic 1947 event speaks to America's enduring history of racism and systemic corruption.
Seth Ferranti
14 hours ago

How to Make a Bong Out of Ice in a Winter Blizzard

Trey is freezing in Canada and we can’t think of a better way to warm up than with some legal kush smoked out of an ice bong.

The Underground Marijuana Doctors of Texas

When patients are desperate for cannabis, they turn to a married couple who have quietly built an illegal business.
Brendan Bures
3 hours ago

The 'VICE LIVE' Hosts Debate the Merits of Circumcision

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang's opposition to the procedure led the hosts to consider an age-old question: To cut, or not to cut?
VICE Staff
2 hours ago

Harmony Korine Just Wants to be Left Alone

The director, writer, and artist says he finds a freedom in painting that's hard to come by in film. His latest show, 'Young Twitchy,' is currently on view at Gagosian gallery in New York.
Jonathan Smith
a day ago
Christchurch shooting

New Zealand's Gun Laws Are Already Changing After the Christchurch Attacks

"To make our community safer, the time to act is now."
Zoe Madden-Smith
20 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Can Choose How Bear Grylls Almost Dies in Netflix’s New Interactive Show

Should he risk falling off a mountain or nearly drown in a river? Your call!
River Donaghey
21 hours ago

Jordan Peele Made a Playlist of His Favorite Music Moments in Film

The new king of suspense is also making a play for best music curator.
Taylor Hosking
a day ago
true crime

The Story of That Gambino Mob Boss's Killing Just Got a Lot Weirder

On Saturday, police in New Jersey arrested Anthony Comello, a 24-year-old who lives with his parents and might have had a thing for Frank Cali's niece.
Alex Norcia
a day ago

Why It's Hard for Men to Come Out as Bi

Bisexual men have to face homophobia and toxic masculinity when they come out.
VICE Staff
a day ago
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Inside the Illegal Drag Races of Nashville

VICE travels to Nashville to catch an illegal car meet during one of their busiest weekends to meet the scene’s up and coming crews.