'Basquiat: Rage to Riches' Is the Last Doc We Need on the Iconic Artist

The mythical artist's family comes forward with grounding anecdotes that suggest we should stop searching for an otherworldly man behind the world-shaking art.
Taylor Hosking
5 hours ago

Does Black Power Have an Artistic Aesthetic?

The Brooklyn Museum's new Soul of a Nation exhibit shows how artists of the era grappled with the timeless question.
Taylor Hosking
5 hours ago

I Asked Experts Whether I Should Adopt a Dog With My Roommate

Here’s how to avoid a pet sharing disaster, according to dog owners and experts alike.
Views My Own

Kavanaugh Has Exposed the Savage Amorality of America's Ruling Class

How the DC establishment has responded to his confirmation controversy tells us an awful lot.
Harry Cheadle
6 hours ago

The Story Behind Sarah Bahbah's Viral Noah Centineo Photo Shoot

The internet is even thirstier for the actor now.
Nicole Clark
6 hours ago

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Threat to Disabled People’s Rights

Kavanaugh’s record suggests he doesn’t recognize the inherent humanity and value of the disability community at large.

Gael García Bernal on Male Friendship and the Crisis of Masculinity

In 'Museo,' Gael García Bernal robs a museum and finds a loving bond with his bestie.
Eileen G'Sell
7 hours ago

Roger Ballen's New Polaroid Photos Are Instant Nightmares

The famous photographer is as terrifying as ever in the first color photos of his career.
Beckett Mufson
7 hours ago

Inside the NSFW Subreddit that Combines Nudes and Craft Beer Nerdery

r/ShowerBeersGoneWild's nearly 8,000 members run the gamut between men and women, microbrew aficionados and Bud Light Lime lovers.
Late Capitalism

You're Probably Not Getting that Loan Forgiveness You're Counting On

Out of almost 30,000 people who applied for a forgiveness program, just 96—less than 1 percent—had their debt erased. And it gets worse.
Allie Conti
7 hours ago

We Asked a Witch If Beyoncé Could Be a Witch

Kimberly Thompson, a former drummer of Beyoncé's, filed a restraining order against the singer claiming she used "extreme witchcraft" against her.

A Trans Latinx Artist's Incredible High-Fashion Self-Portraits

Martine Gutierrez explores her identity as a trans Latinx woman of indigenous descent with a 146-page fashion magazine she published entirely by herself.
Miss Rosen
8 hours ago