Ten Wild Jobs That Didn't Exist Ten Years Ago

The job market is changing fast.
Beckett Mufson
8 hours ago

Selling Weed Forced My Anxiety to the Surface

Paranoia was my constant companion.

Why Is Warren Rehashing the 'Deeply Stupid' Debate Over Her Ancestry?

Her sharing of DNA test results are a preview of what's shaping up to be a petty and contentious 2020 race.
Eve Peyser
8 hours ago
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FDA: No, You Can't Sell Vape Juice Spiked with Viagra

The agency busted an e-cig company after finding traces of prescription medications in its "healthcare flavors."
Drew Schwartz
7 hours ago

Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Is $37.4 Million in Debt

A recent filing with the SEC from To the Stars Academy “raise doubts about the company’s ability to continue.”

What You Should Know About the Mysterious Trump 'Elevator Tape'

No one knows if it exists, but everyone wants to see it.
VICE Staff
7 hours ago

The ‘Cheat Day’ Selfie Pop-Up in LA Is Cute but Toxic

LA's newest selfie pop-up exhibit turns our unhealthy relationship with food into one long photo op.
Nicole Clark
7 hours ago

The Bill that Brought Kid Rock to the White House, Explained

What exactly is the Music Modernization Act?

A New HBO Documentary Exposes the Absurdity of the War on Drugs

'The Sentence' follows a brother's incredible quest to get Barack Obama to pardon his incarcerated sister.
Seth Ferranti
8 hours ago

David Lynch Thinks Transcendental Meditation Is a Better Investment Than the Military

The famed director talks about the power of transcendental meditation, bad paintings, and rubber clown suits of negativity.
Nadja Sayej
10 hours ago

The People You Should Be Following if You Spend Every Dollar You Make

Whether you just landed your dream job or are mired in debt, these blogs, podcasts, and communities led by personal finance whizzes can help you achieve your money goals.
The Power and Privilege Issue

The Robots Are Coming, and They Want Your Job

Experts believe almost a third of the global workforce will be automated by 2030. But are universities preparing students for the rise of the office machines?
Matt Blake
11 hours ago