Donald Glover's New Line of Pre-Distressed Adidas Claims 'Rich is a Concept'

[Holds butterfly] But what is rich? What is a shoe?
Taylor Hosking
19 minutes ago
Weed Week

Weed Legalization Is Getting a Huge Push From Veterans

And laws.
Rick Morgan

Erasure Poets Are Turning the Heavily Redacted Mueller Report into Art

Today is a goldmine for writers who craft poetry out of censored text.
Adriane Quinlan
3 hours ago
Game of Thrones

Listen to The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott's 'Game of Thrones' Song

"Power is Power" is a 'GoT'-inspired song about, what else? Sex!
Taylor Hosking
5 hours ago
VICE Specials

The Gadget That Measures How Strong Your Weed Smells

Talking with the proprietors of the Nasal Ranger- a device used in odor regulation in dealing with weed.
The mueller report

Read the entire Mueller report (well, except for the redactions)

It's a 400-page-turner.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Taught Me to Be Basic

After one drink and three hours of waiting in line, I learned to embrace my nascent Bravo fandom.
Allie Conti
a day ago
Views My Own

Marianne Williamson Wants to Make Democrats the Party of Faith

For progressive, religious people like me, the 2020 candidate has a powerful message
Issac J. Bailey
a day ago

Sex Work Is Work—And Its Laborers Are Officially Unionizing

In the UK, sex workers are joining with trade unions to demand better collective conditions for their industry.
Jake Hall

How to Pronounce Names You've Never Seen Before

Just because someone's name doesn't conform to the norms of your culture doesn't give you the right to ruin it.
Jumi Akinfenwa
5 hours ago
mueller report

Mueller found 10 instances of potential obstruction, but Barr cleared Trump anyway

Attorney General William Barr repeated Trump's "no collusion" claim.
Emma Ockerman

A Japanese College Professor Allegedly Taught Students How to Make Ecstasy

The 61-year-old could face ten years in prison for showing students how to manufacture MDMA.
Gavin Butler
7 hours ago

The Best Tributes from the Time 100

From Beyoncé writing about Michelle Obama to Ava DuVernay on Gayle King, heavyweights gave the otherwise centrist list some powerful moments.
Taylor Hosking
a day ago

How to Hotbox an Outhouse With A Shop-Vac

Trey found himself in the wilderness with nothing but a shop-vac, piping, tubes, sockets, a blow torch, some weed, and an outhouse. So naturally he devised a contraption to hotbox said outhouse.