Fireworks and Pipe Bombs: How Greek Towns Celebrate Easter

On the island of Chios, rival parishes launch makeshift rockets at each other, while on Andros, iron pipes filled with gunpowder blow up right next to the Easter procession.
Nafsika Mavromoustakou
a day ago
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This 'GoT'/'Sesame Street' Crossover Would Be Way Better if Elmo Killed a Guy

Stake your claim to the Iron Throne, you trusting Muppet fool.
River Donaghey
a day ago

What Happens When Colleges Try to Define Trans Existence?

Morehouse College's decision to become the first all-male HBCU to admit trans men raises questions about how colleges will attempt to define transgender identity for its students.
Tiq Milan
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The Amount of Poop on San Francisco's Streets Has Hit an All-Time High

The city had a whopping 28,084 reports of turds in 2018.
River Donaghey
a day ago
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Why Weed is Good | Let Lee Explain

Weed has been a controversial topic in America since the Reefer Madness days thanks to fear mongering and propaganda. Lee explains why you shouldn’t believe it.

This NYC Restaurant Is Really Out Here Selling $42 Steaks for Dogs

If you’d like to body-shame your pet, the dog menu also has a “When I’m Dieting” section that includes $28 salmon and $16 chicken breast.
Jelisa Castrodale
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What I Learned from Reading a Whole Bunch of Trump Tell-Alls

It's not really selling out unless you cash in.
Alex Norcia
a day ago

Donald Glover's New Line of Pre-Distressed Adidas Claims 'Rich is a Concept'

[Holds butterfly] But what is rich? What is a shoe?
Taylor Hosking
2 days ago
The mueller report

The Mueller report makes a damning case that Trump obstructed justice

“In layperson’s terms, he tried to obstruct justice.”
Greg Walters
Nick Miriello

The Undeniable Appeal of NoHo Hank

The 'Barry' scene-stealer is a murderer everyone loves to get behind. He's also one we can learn from.
Kate Dries
3 days ago

Erasure Poets Are Turning the Heavily Redacted Mueller Report into Art

Today is a goldmine for writers who craft poetry out of censored text.
Adriane Quinlan
2 days ago
Weed Week

Weed Legalization Is Getting a Huge Push From Veterans

And laws.
Rick Morgan
Game of Thrones

Listen to The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott's 'Game of Thrones' Song

"Power is Power" is a 'GoT'-inspired song about, what else? Sex!
Taylor Hosking
2 days ago
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I Spoke With Animals Through Pet Psychics

Taji discusses trending topics with animal mediums.