Deliver Us From Evil

    • 7.4.14

      Deliver Us from Evil: Inspired by Real Life Events

      There is nothing more terrifying than the possibility of silver screen psychopaths invading the everyday. Here are Hollywood’s famous horror films have taken liberties when translating reality into movie magic

    • 7.3.14

      The Devil in NYC

      It is no surprise that the city known for pretty much everything, is also known for it’s history of demonic possessions. Hauntings, possession, and occult cases have turned New York City into a hot spot for bizarre activity.

    • 7.2.14

      Deliver Us From Evil

      In theaters, today.

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    • 6.19.14

      How to Perform Exorcisms

      In the new film based on a true story, Deliver Us From Evil, NYPD Sergeant and demonologist, Ralph Sarchie, investigates a series of paranormal cases plaguing New York City.

    • 6.17.14

      Exorcisms in Real Life

      Priests performing exorcisms on terrifying demon-possessed characters are a popular storyline in Hollywood horror films.

    • 6.16.14

      Exorcist Revival

      The threat of demon possession is something that sounds both exceptionally horrifying and utterly ridiculous.