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A Melbourne Hospital Will Trial Magic Mushroom Therapy for Dying Patients

Australia's first shroom trial is set to take place at St Vincent's Hospital in April.
Gavin Butler
11 hours ago
violent times

Our New Podcast Interrogates Australia’s Obsession With Violence

Fear, Romance, Fascination: Across Violent Times we’ll speak to underworld kings, child soldiers, and criminals to explore why humans do brutal things.
VICE Staff
a day ago

We Got Australia’s Top Chefs to Invent Recipes With Chicken Salt

You think it's just for chips? You're doing it wrong.
Julian Morgans
Question Of The Day

We Asked People if Cheating Is Still Bad

"Watching Mad Men somehow made it feel okay—in a really weird, like, romanticised way."
Laura Roscioli
Australia Today

Here's What All Those Striking Teens Think About Climate Change

A report from Melbourne's edition of School Strike 4 Climate Action.
Mirjana Milovanovic
Australia Today

Melbourne Stadiums are Refusing to Host a South Sudanese Basketball Event

The popular Summer Slam tournament has been cancelled because stadium managers are allegedly too afraid of "gangs."
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Over 30 Women Are in Prison Because of 'The Block'

Dozens of vulnerable residents were evicted from the Gatwick Hotel so that the property could be renovated for a reality show.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

One Dead and Two Injured After A Violent Knife Attack in Melbourne's CBD

Police were called to Bourke Street Mall following reports that a man had crashed his car into the busy street.
Gavin Butler
pharmaceutical runoff

Human Waste Is Contaminating Victorian Wildlife With More Than 60 Pharmaceuticals

A new study demonstrates the ways that pharmaceutical runoff could travel up the food-chain.
Sarah Emerson
Australia Today

Of Course Julian Assange Was a Rave Freak in the 90s

Twenty years ago, the WikiLeaks founder was a mysterious raver who went by the name of Prof.
Gavin Butler
knit art

Oh This? Just a Giant Starmap Made By a Hacked 80s Knitting Machine

Australian engineer Sarah Spencer unveiled “Stargazing: A knitted tapestry” over the weekend at the Electromagnetic Field Camp festival.
Becky Ferreira
Australia Today

There are Several Volcanoes Quietly Simmering Under Melbourne

They are just a few of more than 400 mostly dormant volcanoes littered throughout south-eastern Australia.
Gavin Butler