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Sydney Has Officially Declared a Climate Emergency

The council voted unanimously on the declaration, and has called on the Federal Government to respond urgently.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

A Sydney Bar Has Banned Bocce After the Soft Clinking of Balls Annoyed Neighbours

Sydney's war on fun has reached absurd new heights.
Gavin Butler

We Did Some Weird Experiments to Answer: Is Sydney or Melbourne Better?

Experiment one: laying on the ground and timing how long it takes someone to stop.
Julian Morgans

The True Story of How the Parramatta Road Sign Ended Up in Lebanon

What kind of legend steals a sign, flies it across the planet, then bolts it to a power pole in a remote village in Lebanon?
Marty Smiley
violent times

Our New Podcast Interrogates Australia’s Obsession With Violence

Fear, Romance, Fascination: Across Violent Times we’ll speak to underworld kings, child soldiers, and criminals to explore why humans do brutal things.
VICE Staff

Inside the Rehab Swapping Drug Addiction for Extreme Exercise

If you believe that you'll always be an addict, is your best option to swap one dependancy for another?
Yasmin Noone
Australia Today

A Property Developer Found an Empty House and Claimed it as His Own

“The Squatter’s Law” lets you play finder's keepers with property.
Gavin Butler
New music

Sports Bra's New Power Pop Gem "Survival" Is An Ode to Trans Rights

The first single from the Sydney band's second album is a statement to the world that trans people won't be erased.
Shaad D’Souza
Inside Outsider

The Resurrection of Australia’s Most Violent Gang: Brothers 4 Life

We interviewed members of the B4L in Blacktown.
Mahmood Fazal

Royal Headache Is Dead, Long Live Shogun

With his new project Shogun & The Sheets, the once-inscrutable frontman of the late Royal Headache is ditching all the punk and all the bullshit of his old band.
Shaad D’Souza
Dark Arts

Killdie’s Art Deals With Dark Religion, Universal Love and Crystals

Don’t let the name or subject matter put you off. Chatting to the Sydney artist is surprisingly life affirming.
Hayley Morgan
Australia Today

This Guy Shot a Bow and Arrow at Some Tradies Because They Parked Him In

With a beer in one hand and a hunting bow in the other, this disgruntled Sydneysider took matters into his own hands.
Gavin Butler