The Uglier Side of Portugal's Dreamy Beaches

Photographer Diogo Andrade documented what happens to summer dream destinations when you build first and think later.

by Diogo Andrade
Jun 10 2016, 2:20pm

Portugal's beaches are mostly known for their white sand, azure seas, and being featured in "Ten Best Beaches of Europe" lists, but when you look closer, not all that glitters is clear Atlantic water bathing in the late-afternoon Mediterranean sun. Portuguese photographer Diogo Andrade traveled the Portuguese coastline from north to south between April and May 2015 to document the other sort of Portuguese beach. The kind that will never be an idyllic summer dream destination, no matter what Instagram filter you unleash upon it.

The result is his series "The Garden," which shows the visual impact of 50 years of human interference on the Portuguese coastline. "It's the story of a country where you build first and think later," explains Diogo. "Where it's more important to make money from building permits, than to spend some on protecting natural areas that are vulnerable to floods and erosion. In Portugal, there's a history of a lack of architectural planning—especially on a municipal level. Economical interests get in the way."

See more of "The Garden" below. You can follow Diogo Andrade on Instagram and check out his other work at his website.