Sip on the Smooth Funkiness of Maya Killtron's "Never Dance Alone"

The Toronto singer's new track is as 'Retrontario' as it gets.

Jun 8 2016, 1:31pm

Photo courtesy of Nat Caine

Some things don't die and funk is one of those things. Toronto's Maya Killtron clearly knows this and went full-on into the lost early-80s version of the genre with her joyous new song "Never Dance Alone." It's a throwback of the highest degree, with sunny horns, scratchy guitar, and Maya's brassy vocals leading the way to disco nirvana. Also, check out the packaging; the peeled-off HMV sticker is as Retrontario as it gets.

"'Never Dance Alone' is the record I’ve always wanted to make," says Maya. "I spent a lot of time writing music that was chasing trends but when I finally got in the studio with [producer] Miloš he reminded me how important it was to be myself. I finally figured out how to write without apology and to be proud and fearless of the music I hear in my head. That is what "Never Dance Alone" is.” Listen below and I dunno, go outside or something. Enjoy this moment.

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