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The Selfie Files: COVES

COVES didn't really follow directions but we'll let it slide.

by Marissa G. Muller
Oct 12 2014, 3:30pm

When we asked COVES, the impossibly catchy 60s-leaning, noir-psych duo, to participate in The Selfie Files, they didn't really follow directions—to be fair, they had other things on their mind. Singer Beck Wood and instrumentalist John Ridgard, who hail from Warwickshire, England, were in the midst of Visa hell, trying to get into the U.S. to play shows. They had already missed their first two shows here and they were about to cancel their September 24 appearance on "Last Call" with Carson Daly in LA, until they found out at 10 PM the night before that our great country would allow them to enter. The hopped on the next flight, the day of the show, and if that wasn't cutting it close enough, they got stuck in Chicago on a nightmare layover due to a bomb threat. Fast forward to six hours later and they arrived in LA just in time for soundcheck. So instead of sending over a straight batch of selfies, the band decided to recount their trip with a selfie tour diary of sorts. Check it out and don't sleep on seeing them live. They'd jump through rings of fire just to play for you.

The Masque Haunt, Old Street, London, 10 PM. After a week of visa issues and many a wine we receive "the call"—our visas have been approved and we fly in a few hours. Panic ensues.

After a delayed connecting flight we arrive at the El Rey in LA just in time for soundcheck. We have been awake for ever and some of our important equipment has been broken in transit... We are tired and aggy, but there is a bucket in our dressing room filled with the finest beers, we are happy about that.

We take a walk around our neighborhood and find the venue we play tonight. We see our name sandwiched between "The Raveonettes" and "sold out"... This excites us greatly.

We play one of our favorite shows ever. Here is us power selling merch afterwards.

Cincinnati show was awesome.

We find a poster up in Rough Trade NYC. I am really happy about this, Beck sniffs it and confirms that she is happy. One more show then home. This makes us sad.

COVES often share their selfies on Twitter.

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