Watch UK Doom Addicts Opium Lord's Harrowing New Video for "Black Libraries"

It's absolutely terrifying.

Dec 1 2015, 9:59pm

Photo courtesy of Opium Lord

Music videos are usually wicked boring—no matter how much fake blood or bare flesh you toss around, unless you're Red Fang, it's hardly ever going to make much of a real impact on our supremely desensitized eyeballs. Brummie downers Opium Lord's latest clip accompanies the paranoid, sludgy dirge of "Black Libraries," a tune off their latest album, but unlike pretty much every other heavy metal music video in recent memory, the video itself is legitimately fucking terrifying. It feels too real, from the drugged-up sheen of sweat on a doomed man's brow, to the dead-eyed nonchalance with which a woman smears blood across her face. It looks like a scene from a movie—or from one of your nightmares.

Vocalist Nathan Coyle then brings us back to earth with a resounding thud explaining, "This video marks the final output from Opium Lord's debut album The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth (out now on Candlelight Records). Fresh from our tour of the USA, Canada and Europe with friends Primitive Man, we've now moved on to writing their second album—but not before releasing a split seven-inch with Boston's Churchburn, which is set to be released in North America and Europe."

Look out for that split, and for now... look out behind you.