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Barkhouse's "Oh No!" Is an Oh Yes!

All aboard this time machine: we're heading back to 2002.

by Peter Sholley
Nov 5 2014, 7:45pm

Sometimes a song is so fast-paced and gnarly, it makes you feel like you’re a superhuman badass, and Brooklyn band Barkhouse’s new tune “Oh No!” does just that. With the harried, distorted vocals of Will de Zengotita coupled with machine gun drums, this tune is totally redolent of the early 2000s (hello, The Strokes), and at one minute and 53 seconds, there's no chance this will outstay its welcome.

Bandmember Jay Mort had this to say about the song: "The song is about the justice system ruining people's lives based on one mistake, one action. The frantic man is crying out, wishing he could change the mind of the judge as he reveals the sentence. But nothing can be done to stop him, as he has all the power. Oh no, oh shit."


Barkhouse Tour Dates:

11/14 @ Carroll Place - New York, New York
11/29 @ Liberty Public House - Rhinebeck, New York
12/6 @ Cameo Gallery - Brooklyn, New York

Barkhouse's EP Wolves At The Wall is out on 11.18.

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